RIP Hank Aaron

RIP Hank Aaron
This morning, the sports world was dealt some devastating news as Henry “Hank” Aaron passed away at 86. Hank was a true titan of the sports world, and became a world-renowned icon on September 8th, 1974 when he hit his 715th career home run, passing the ‘Great Bambino’ Babe Ruth. 
As Vin Scully put it, “What a day for the United States, for the world. A black man is receiving a standing ovation in the Deep South”. 
Following the record-setting home run, Aaron was greeted with handshakes from opposing players and over-excited fans as he ran the bases. 
Foremost, Hank Aaron was a fantastic baseball player. Even if you took away all 755 of his home runs, he’d still have 3000 hits. Simply, he should be remembered as one of the best athletes of all time. But, he was equally as heroic in the courage he displayed. Hank Aaron withstood years of racism, death-threats, and injustice, and ended his career as the Home Run King. 
Go easy, Hank. RIP.

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