Hoss Co. welcomes ZeVeyon Fucron

It only made sense that one of the strongest man in college football should be on the Hoss team and now he is. Hoss is ecstatic to announce ZeVeyon Fucron, a mammoth guard from Southern Illinois University, is a Hoss collegiate athlete. 
Fucron is a 6-foot-2, 327 lbs wrecking ball of an offensive lineman who can boast the nickname "strongest man in college football." If that doesn't scream "Hoss" we don't know what does. 

Big Z epitomizes the Hoss mentality both on and off the field. When he wasn't putting unwitting defensive players on their backs, ZeVeyon was in the classroom posting a 4.0 GPA as a senior in SIU's Master of Science in Education program. It's not easy being a Hoss, but Big Z Fucron sure makes it look easy. We are beyond excited to have him on the Hoss team. 

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