About Hoss

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I AM that guy, pal.” Whether you cranked two homeruns in your softball league on a random Tuesday night. Won the business of a client that you’ve been cold-calling on for months. Had Pedialyte on deck for the buddies in preparation for a blowout of a weekend. Although small in the grand scheme of things, embracing the serendipitous moments that life has to offer is what being a Hoss is all about. 

Headquartered in Chicago, we at Hoss Co. have made it our mission to embrace the Hoss lifestyle each day by being the best version of yourself. What started something we grew up doing, has grown into a community of people who have brought The Hoss to life. Competition and being the best version of yourself is what we’re all about – we believe it’s within everyone. Are you The Hoss? Yes. So, join us.