About Hoss

Headquartered in Chicago, we at Hoss Co. have made it our mission to embrace the Be The Hoss lifestyle each day by being the best version of yourself. The Hoss lives life without reservations, without doubt and ready to answer the call each and every day.  

We started our journey right before Covid in 2020 and quickly became something a lot bigger. Thanks to the Hoss Community for supporting us we were able to grow fast.   

Whats coming? We're expanding and approving our line of clothes every day. We have a huge pipeline of partnerships that will be announced soon. We are working on becoming players in the NFT marketplace by summer 2022. Most importantly, working with our athletes and helping them with all social media. 

We're excited for our future and everyone who has been with us from the beggining or just joining. BE THE HOSS.