Max Strus Has Been Straight Ballin For The Miami Heat

Max Strus is averaging 132.2 points per 100 shot attempts this season. This ranks him FIRST in the NBA among all other rotation guards and wings in offensive efficiency. When Strus plays at least 30 minutes in a game, he averages 21.25 PPG with a dominant 6-2 record for the Heat.

All the professionals have had a rocky journey getting to where their at today, but Strus’s journey was one that truly showed he wanted it more than anyone. Started off at a small D2 college to a season ending injury in the NBA. He truly showed everyone what it means to BE THE HOSS.

Max Strus is looking to continue his impressive season tonight. Strus and the Miami Heat are hosting the Toronoto Raptors without Kyle Lowry. This looks like a phenomenal opportunity for Strus to spark the offense and rally the Heat to a much needed victory over Fred VanVleet, a hometown buddy, and the Raptors.


Max Strus wearing his favorite sweatshirt before scoring 25 points against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Max Strus repping our limited addition sweatshirt before scoring 19 points against The Charlotte Hornets 

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Awesome story! True Hoss

Kevin Conners

Doing it at the highest level now that’s cool to see. Excited to see this Hoss in the playoffs!

Papa Parlay

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