What does it mean to be a Hoss?

What does it mean to be The Hoss?
What’s a Hoss, you ask? Is it dominating in a Turkey Bowl? Is it moving to a new city and grabbing it by the balls? Is it selling obscene amounts of cloud solutions, making sure your Christmas Bonus hits extra fat this year? Or could it be simply being a man named Dan? It just might be.

Hosses are versatile, unable to be defined. You can’t put a Hoss in a box because quite frankly, a Hoss is a Hoss. A Hoss might party. A Hoss might moonwalk in Calabasas. A Hoss might even eat beer and wings, literally every night. And after all that, if a Hoss is lucky, a Hoss might even find some time for leisure. Basically, what I’m saying is that a Hoss is whatever the hell you want the Hoss to be. So with that said, Be The Damn Hoss.
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